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JETFLY Onboard Training - Details and Fees:

JETFLY training services include onboard accommodation, training from the boat and flight sessions tailored to suit all your needs.

Before you try on the JETFLY pack, your first day begins with your instructor for a full safety and instructional briefing.

After the introductory lesson, you will start with your in-water flight sessions and learn the basics of the flight, such as:

  • take-off & in water landing,
  • elevation steering, turning & hovering,
  • and circle turns.

You’ll experience 4 flight sessions on the JETFLY, each lasting approximately 15 minutes.


JETFLY Onboard Flight Training:

  • Ground based training + in water flight sessions
  • 2 overnight stays on board
  • Introductory Flight & Full Flight Lesson
  • Four flight sessions included


  • Day 1: Arrival & Introduction
  • Day 2: comprehensive ground based Instruction and in water flight sessions
  • Day 3: in water fly sessions; departure.
  • Breakfast and Lunch with optional dinner/dinning recommendation
  • JETFY PILOT Certificate

* Group Bookings of 4 and 6, also available

Special offers:

    • Single: 390,--€
    • Couple: 750,--€
    • Groups on request

Minimum number of participants for booking: 2

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