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JETPACK Malta -  A Millionaire ́s Toy -  Now Affordable in Malta!

 - Everyday from May to October -

JETFLY Malta, The Original JETLEV Flyer! JETPACK!

Get lifted by 300 hp!


 Jetpack Malta the original JETLEF FLYER... The James Bond Excitement... Fly with style: JETFLY Jetpack!

Special Offers

Only with us you can do JETPACK Tandem Flights!

Also we hoover boards!! so you can fly boards or carpets on our fantastic MS CUTTY JEAN :-)

Accommodation at Sea

Spend a few days onboard the Historical CUTTY JEAN!



Jetpack Malta, try the original JETLEV FLYER... The James Bond Excitement... Fly with style: JETFLY Jetpack! JETFLY, JETLEV FLYER maybe Trademarks

Start jetflying and help us clean the ocean


For every jetpack session you purchase, JETFLY gives €5 to support the SEA-CLEAN project for plastic free oceans.



HD Video to Take Away

You will get a High Definition GOPRO (TM) video footage.

Save the great experience of your flight!

Show your friends and family exactly what it was like for you to fly.:

  • Video 1: Pilot´s Perspective - Looking over your shoulder
  • Video 2: Face View - Captures your facial expressions
  • Video 3: Audience View - Showing your overall flight
  • Take away GOPRO SD Card


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With us you can enjoy the real life flying experience at most affordable prices on the globe!!

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  • Basic Jetfly Training €120
  • Joyride (Tandem Flights) €80
  • Return Flyers 15 min €120
  • 1 hour JETFLY rental €450


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VIP Specials:

  • Half day (3 hrs) €1200
  • Full day (6 hrs) €2000

JETFLY Onboard Training:

  • Single: €390
  • Couple: €750
  • Groups: on request

Minimum number of participants for booking: 2


GOPRO Video to take home:

  • Video 1 - Pilots Perspective 20€
  • Video 2 - Face View 20€
  • Video 3 - Audience View 20€ 


Whole Hearted Welcome Onboard CUTTY JEAN

Since there aren´t that many authentic boats available worldwide, we are pleased to organize your memorable stay with us while offering you to experience a little piece of maritime history.

Unique craftsmanship and character of our accommodation, combined with the exciting possibility to fly, will surely make for one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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First JETFLY Onboard Training Camp - Worldwide!


Stop Dreaming - Start Flying - Become a JETFLY Pilot! For Less Money than Anywhere Else!


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What to Expect?


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Surprises are rewarding and exciting, now more than ever.


You can plan for all occasion events from birthdays, anniversaries and bachelor parties to team building events.


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JETFLY Entertainment Sensation


Major Water Sport Attraction!

JETFLY experience prolongs the impact of any event from Port Festivals, Product Launches and Promotions to Corporate Events.

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Flight Center

 JETFLY Onboard Training


 First JETFLY Training Camp -  Worldwide!


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